Creativity fortnight

Hi it’s Scarlett and iam enjoying creativityfortnight, and Y3/4m but I’ve chosen one thing that we have already done it’s going to be about the …. Disaster. It happend 200 years ago so in 1815 what happens was there was two mines next to each other but then a wall broke in the black mine and it was full of water and 75 people were stuck in one bit of the mine but luckily the rest were able to be rescued and 72 people died 31 boys 41 men….. Wel acleast I think so it happend on May 3rd 1815 so byeeeeeeeeee from me Scarlett she u next time xxx.

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The great mining disaster

200 years ago at midnight  until 8 o’clock the miners were mining underneath Benton and chipping away at the coal. On the date, 3rd of May 1815 when they were digging away they hit an old pit that was full of water. 75 of the miners escaped through the lift but the other 75 were trapped. All of the rescue services tried to get them out but they didn’t succeed. The miners blocked the water with piled up coal and to survive they had to eat the horses! Eventually the used up all the oxygen until they only had carbon dioxide left so they all died in the pit. Most of the people were buried in St Teresa’s graveyard. 

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Creativity fortnight.

Hi I’m Sarah and in my class we are learning about the mine disaster 200 years ago.The 2nd longest,deepest pit is in Russia and would only take around2,3 hours to get down.When miners get to there pits they have to do there Clocking on cards,They had tags around there neck with different numbers and then a little letter at the top.The Heaton mine disaster happened in May 3rd 1815.We went down in the basement under the school,It was wet and had a lot of pipes in there!

Thats all for now so see you soon bye.

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This term my class and I have been down the mines.Ms.Mulholland had to get our attention when we needed to mine for coal or stop for our bait(which means our dinner) we got to go down x2


But this is the truth she just unscrambled all the tables and put them like a maze and put blanket sheets on top But

Most important of all…Everybody had a great time!!!

By Kate

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Hi today I will be telling you about mining and you know what my granda and uncles went down the mine. My granda went down when he was twelve but I don’t know how old my uncle was. Then my granda went in the navy and my uncle went in the army. There still living by the way.

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The planning stage!


Having a great day filming with Haltwhistle Film Company. We have made it through the planning stage and are now sharing our ideas.

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Our school trip to Arbeia

On our school trip we went to Arbeia and it was great. We tried digging making a simpler replica of a mosaic and then after that we ate our packed lunch mean while this seagull was scaring people then on the way back Miss Slater Kate and Taylor were doing this kidde quiz, while me and Nicole were trying to beat Kate’s Rubix cube.

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Ideas for games in the playground!!!

Hello, guys it’s me Angelina here again and today I will be telling you some good games to play in the playground! Also how to play them!


1. Tag

2. Hide and seek

3. Sardines

4. Stuck in the mud.

5. cups and saucers.

6. Hospital

7. Family

8. Massage bar

9. Dentist

10. Police


1.  Round up some of your friends and play tag! One or two people can be on and they have to try to tap you anywhere on your body and when they do it they must say “TAG”.  If you are tagged then it’s your turn to chase after the others!

2. Play hide and seek but don’t go in the school! Hide and seek is just simple all you have to do is have one or two people on and they have to find you its the same with hide and seek tag just you have to tag them!

3. Play sardines! Sardines is kind of the same as hide and seek but one person hides and the rest have to find the person hiding! If the finders find the person hiding they have to sit in the same place as them until the rest of the finder find them! The last one to find them is on the next time you play!

4. Play stuck in the mud! To play stuck in the mud you need to have one person on and the rest have to run away from the person tagging if you get tagged then you will have to stand like  a star, legs apart, arms apart but not too far apart or you might fall. When someone isn’t on then they have to walk under your arms so you can be free and run away again. If the tagged manages to tag everyone then the first person tagged has to be on.

5. Cups and saucers! For cups and saucers you will need an even amount of people or if someone else wants to play and it’s an odd number then they can be a ref. to play this game, you need to get into even teams so it’s a fair play. Once you’ve done that choose who is going to be cups and who is going to be saucers ( it’s quite a bad idea to play it when the wind blows because the saucers will blow off ). If you are cups then you have to turn the cones the right way up! If you are saucers then they have to be upside down. After a few minutes you have to stop! If you turn one over after he/she says stop then he turn it back around. The one with most of there kind wins!

6. Hospital! To play hospital you have to get sticks, rocks and stuff and get someone to be a patient. Use the peace garden benches or the benches at the canopy  as beds to put the patents there. Also if anyone falls down YOU do everything you can to help!

7. Family! To play family mostly use the peace garden as the house and the yellow bench as a car or something. Get a person to be a dog, a cat, any animal really. Also get one person to be a mum. It is hard to get boys to play this game.  Get someone to be a big sister and you can also add anyone else you want! You don’t need to use anything I said these are just ideas. 🙂

8. Massage bar! For this game you just need 2 or 3 people. All you gotta do is get some kids to come to the peace garden and do funny things to them. Or you can do the serious version and actually do real massages!

9. Dentist! To play dentist you will need 2 dentists and some patients. If you are the dentist then you have to act like a crazy one. You have to say to the patients something like ” oh no, your teeth are ro

tting!” Or something like that at least make it funny!

10. Police! To play police you have to walk around and see if there’s something strange going on. You can be a detective and investigate what is happening.

11. Hokey-pokey! To play this you will need to get a big group of kids. Everyone must hold hands and you all must get into a circle. Once you’ve got into a circle everyone must start singing this:

Put your right hand in, put your right hand out,in out in out and shake it all about .

Do the hokey pokey and turn around, that’s what is all about.

Thats what you’ve got to sing and whilst you are singing, you must do the actions that you are singing about. Then you change right hand for left, then change for right foot, then left, then your whole body. At the end comes everybody’s favourite! You have to sing this: WOAHHHHH the hokey pokey, WOAHHHHH the hokey pokey ,WOAHHHHH the hokey pokey thats what its all about! When you are singing that everyone will have to run into the middle of the circle 3 times. You can sing and dance to any other song you and other people know and like.

12. Dusty bluebells! To play dusty blue bells you will need a group of kids. To start everyone must get into a circle,  hold hands and your hands must be in the air like this: I I Once the host has checked everyone has their hands up then host chooses someone to be the person who goes in and out your arms ( under ). Whilst the person is going in and out the rest will have to sing this: In and out the dusty bluebells, in and out the dusty bluebells, in and out the dusty bluebells, you will be my master! when you say master the person going underneath your arms will stop! The person they have stopped at will now be infront of the first person that was going in and out. After the ” master ” bit you will have to sing: Tippy tippy tap tap on my shoulder tippy tippy tap tap on my shoulder, tippy tippy tap tap on my shoulder you will be my master! Then the person that has just got its shoulders tapped will now be going underneath too! Once there is just 3,2 or 1 person/people left in the circle you can stop and then start again!

How can I get a group of people though? I dont have many friends! ;'(

Well to solve that is easy peasy! You can just go on the buddy bench! If there is already someone on the buddy bench then both of you can play together! Ask loads of your friends to play with you  then in no time you will have a big group!




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The winning photo

A big congratulations to Ilona who recently won first prize in a photography competition. It was a competition for the under 11’s called ‘Nature in Jesmond Dene’, organised by the Friends of Jesmond Dene and judged by Neil Atkinson. Ilona won £60 which she wants to spend on Jacqueline Wilson books!

And here is the winning photo. Well done Ilona, we are all very proud of you.

The winning photo

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Disney infinty 2.0 where you have to Buy the starter pack,or Spider-Man plus guardians of the Galaxy, I have got the starter pack and hulk plus Hawkeye then I have for the Spider-Man playset nova,spider man,Nick fury, iron fist, then there is venom but I don’t have him.Plus now you can buy,with blue sparks in the game, an interior door which let’s you enter your home sort of thing and you can get the blue sparks by defeating enemy’s in the toy box or the playset.Kate(megabunny) has also got Disney infinty 2.0.

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